Current Status

  • The property at 278 4th St. (historically classified as Makins Produce Warehouse) was purchased by community members in Summer 2015.
  • Our application for Conditional Use for community group assembly was approved in Fall 2015.
  • Our community assembly use requires some costly building modifications, including retrofit to meet current seismic codes We plan to completing this work by mid-2016.
  • Upon completing the final step of conversion for assembly, we will open for a full palette of community use.

Plans for the Radiance Oak Community Center

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The new Radiance Oak building will remain largely the same in terms of usable space. We will be making the following significant improvements:

  • Seismic retrofit to meet current Building code requirements – we are happy to offering a seismically safe location to the neighborhood.
  • Additional bathrooms and fixtures
  • Separated office space
  • Full roof repair