Resident Partnership

About Resident Partnership at Radiance Oak

Open April 1st 2017- 278 4th St. in Jack London District, Oakland

  • The available bedroom is about 18′ x 18” (325 sq. ft.). It features 3 windows, gas heater, and an option for a loft structure that allows for vertical storage (you build).
  • In house washer and dryer, full kitchen, 2 shared bathrooms upstairs, one downstairs, and one shower. Guest accommodations for occasional visitors – if you want to put up friends from time to time. There will be 3 residents total with occasional guests, one cat. Hot tub.
  • We are located in the historic Jack London District, 278 4th St., near a lot of shopping, food options, and public transportation. Parking is generally easy. The neighborhood is reasonably safe, though vigilance is important.
  • Monthly rent is $1350 month, all utilities included. Shared utilities include WM (Weekly trash pick up), Comcast (High-speed Internet), EBMUD (Water), PGE (Gas and electric), Bay Alarm (Fire and burglar alarm). We informally share in small and occasional miscellaneous purchases for the house such as TP and cleaning products.
  • Attendance at our ~2 hour weekly partner meetings (if at all possible) is expected.
  • We share equitably in house maintenance chores, as agreed among the residents. Also general care and cleanliness of shared areas, putting personal items away, returning shared items to their proper places, and otherwise being a good housemate. We are open to some amount of negotiation around specific agreements, in order to arrive at a working arrangement for everyone. The nature of our house puts us and our close friends very much in each other’s lives, and frequently in touch. We’re looking for a housemate and partner who wants to engage in and support our community mission, and who brings their own ideas and creativity.
  • All residents volunteer as core community members of Radiance Oak. We see ourselves as community leaders, and place a high value in maintaining impeccable relationships, with everyone we’re involved with.
  • You should be OK with some amount of outside people being around a few days a week, occasional guests who will stay for a few days to a couple of weeks (these may be your guests), as well as occasional large gatherings that may go late, and involve electronic or live music. The house is often fairly quiet on an average day.
  • We use a defined process to qualify prospective residents. Please contact us to apply, or if you would like further information, at: Partner of Radiance