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Yes you can find a backhoe in your basement.


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Happy Valentine’s day to everyone out there. Wishing you love and connection wherever you find it, and if you find yourself without a valentine today. then please consider yourself “my valentine”.

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New holes in the Radiance foundation – wondering if they'll find treasure!

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Cheers, Dan


2.4.2018 – Community and Practicality

I think that a lot of friends and community members are struggling to live our values, within a society that has been, and in some ways continues to become, hostile. Our sensible and effective ways of relating to one another can be so off-putting to others – from other places and cultures, that we don’t get  a chance to actually engage them. A big struggle for me and the core group at Radiance: real sweat and money are needed for us to support the celebrations and growth we all value. We love and trust our communities, nearer and further, and believe we are valued likewise. So steady on!