Radiance is under construction!

We began construction 5 weeks ago, and the current status is “a very dusty and torn apart building”, with cement and steel work in progress.

We still need to raise $75K by March 15th 2018, in order to continue this project! Please see our loan proposal and donation information at: Please tell your friends and acquaintances about us!

Just launched! The Radiance IndieGogo Campaign is at:

Our IndieGogo Campaign has opened!

If you wish to make a direct donation instead, then PayPal to

Please note that donations to Radiance Oak for improvements to our building are not tax deductible.

We are working in conjunction with Safer DIY Spaces, which supports and advocates for safe community spaces in Oakland.

Founder’s Blog

Dan is keeping a daily blog of the progress of our project at Dan’s Blog.


Current Status

  • The property at 278 4th Street, Oakland, CA (historically classified as Makins Produce Warehouse) was purchased by community members in Summer 2015, and is currently owned by the Radiance Oak LLC.
  • Our application for Conditional Use for community group assembly was approved in Fall 2015, and our building plan approved in Fall of 2016.
  • Our community assembly use requires costly building modifications, including a  retrofit to meet current seismic codes We plan to completing this work by mid-2018.
  • Upon completing the final step of conversion for assembly, we will open for a full palette of community use!

Plans for the Radiance Oak Community Center

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The new Radiance Oak building will remain the same in terms of usable space. We will be making the following significant improvements:

  • Seismic retrofit to meet current building code requirements – we are happy to offer a seismically safe location to the neighborhood!
  • Additional bathrooms.
  • Co-working setup and meeting room space.