Who We Are

Radiance Oak Community 

Dan Dunkle

Dan Dunkle is a community organizer, artist, rock climber, and DJ. He has supported community in different capacities for many years, mostly in the Bay Area. He was a lead for three Burning Man Camps, received a grant to build the Cosmic Dance Foucault Pendulum at Burning Man in 2004, and helped lead the Conexus Cathedral build team in 2006. Currently employed at Guidewire, a successful software company in Foster City. He became involved in the Mankind Project in May of 2008.

Kevin Byall

Kevin is a Sculptural Artist and 3D designer in metal, wood, stone, mixed media & CG. His focus is on balance of line, form and materials; bringing radical approaches to size and texture, with a quirky sense of humor.
Chloé Moire Chloé is Operations Manager for Radiance Oak. She worked for many years as a research nurse practitioner in women’s health and founded and directed a large volunteer organization providing supportive care to women with breast cancer. She is also a certified self-defense instructor.

Rebecca Holtzman

Rebecca Holtzman has been an active contributor to the development of Radiance Oak since its inception. Professionally she is a successful graphic designer. Rebecca has been working on building communities for the past 10 years. Prior to Radiance Oak, she was an active member of the well-known Kimya House community in Marin County, California.

Elaine Noble

While still living in Reno, Nevada, Elaine began attending events at Radiance in 2009. She became a resident shortly after she moved to Oakland in 2012 and quickly became known as the Kitchen Goddess, serving up excellent spreads for many events she hosted. Many friendships blossomed in the kitchen and on the dance floor. Elaine is a community leader and has volunteered at Burning Man as a Greeter Lead for over 10 years. She is currently employed at UC Berkeley.


The members of Radiance Oak have made commitments to:
  • trust and remain accountable to our agreements. We are committed to maintaining the quality of our relationships, and valuing one another’s unique contributions.
  • support the Jack London District, including the Jack London District Association, Jack London Improvement District, and our local government agencies and representatives. We also support local non profit artistic works, and the artists that create them.
  • believe that we can affect the world around us. We value engagement, integrity and effective communications. We believe that our nation and the world community shape our own characters, and have a direct relationship to our quality of life.
The members of Radiance have also agreed to:
  • live our lives with honesty, integrity, and trust in our fellows and the local community.
  • treat each other with excellence, and inspire others to do the same.
  • contribute time, labor, and money to improve our space and community.
  • negotiate and honor agreements involving us and our mission.