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About Radiance Oak

Radiance is a non-profit service organization (501c(3) application pending) located in the Jack London District of Oakland, California. Opened in December 2010, Radiance is housed in a historically classified mixed-use space, serving as a residence and private community center.

As a non-profit organization, Radiance makes its space available for a variety of uses to friends and diverse community organizations, with a strict policy of non-commercialized focus. When necessary, Radiance has applied for and received special permitting for events. The space is often used by local non-profit and charitable organizations, and has been operating for 3 1/2 years

As a unique live/work space, the residents here are committed to making their household available for a variety of uses that support the Radiance mission: the cultivation of community, creativity, and a spark for life. If you'd like to learn more:

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We are a non-profit service organizattion. If you'd care to lend a financial hand -- Donate yer Doubloons:

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